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Shoo Pain Oil

Shoo Pain Oil Is An Essential Oil Which Resolves All The Pains Which Our Body Suffers From.

Treat muscle and bone injuries.
Can even be used to heal wounds and burns
Helpful in all types of arthritis, back pain and joint pain
Warms the body and relieves pain


1. Provides quick pain relief and heals muscles, bones and joints
2. Heals wounds and fractures, anti-inflammatory
3. Effective for relieving arthritic pain
4. Helps lubricate and rejuvenate joints
5. Useful for all types of muscle and joint pain


Pudina Satwa, Camphor Oil, Emu Oil , Niolgiri Oil, Lemongrass Oil , Ajwain Oil, Almond Oil, Cedar Essential Oil, Til Oil


  • Kunal  18 March, 2019

    Awesome product, whenever I have neck pain or back pain, I put this on at night and by morning the pain is gone.

  • Chaitali 16 mar, 2019

    Works wonders for joint and muscular pain. Unlike other so called pain relieving oils, this one doesn't smell foul and has a long lasting effect. Totally recommended!!

  • Rehan  15 March, 2019

    It is very relaxing and soothing in nature and aroma is very calming. Just what I need after a long day.